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Carrying nothing but a shoebox of memories and a lot of secrets, Cassidy is used to being alone. But when his camper-van breaks down in a snowstorm and he is rescued by a kind young woman named Lark, he soon finds himself working in a small-town bar and becoming part of the community. When an inscrutable new waitress arrives, Cassidy is unsettled by a sense of recognition, and the unexpected arrival of a reality TV crew scouting for a new show finds him protecting Reba from the ghosts of her past. But it is his own ghosts who are chasing him - and he must find the courage to speak the truth, or risk losing everything, again.

A story of family, both given and found, and the long shadow of domestic violence, Alabama Chrome interrogates the performative nature of the modern world, and what true kindness means.

You'll come for the wonderful characters -

- gruff Cassidy with a dark past, wise Lark, Belle and her beauty parlour, Evangeline the mechanic, Brooke Adler the hard-nosed reality TV presenter... then you'll be swept away by the fantastic sense of place. Set in small-town Kentucky and focusing on the bar which acts as the town's front porch where stories are told and secrets are ultimately revealed, Alabama Chrome is a beautifully written page-turner, told in a voice that will stay with you - along with the book's big heart.

Lizzie C.


Alabama Chrome made me laugh, cry and think. I love this book.

Tom F.

The whole book, with all its love and intensity, is so full of love for both the small precious things and the heart wrenchingly difficult.

J. M. 

A riveting and page turning read...incredible insight into the hideousness of domestic violence...a long time since I've read a book of this calibre.

E. S.

Easy to read , never bored , storyline and interweaving of the past and present was great
Loved the underlying slow burning love story.

D. G. 

The best thing is that there's so much truth in this story, about joy and grief, hardship and luck, good folks and bad influences. Life, basically.

T. F.

Wonderful story set in the forgotten rural heart of the states. An atmospheric setting and great storytelling about dying communities and the insidious rise of reality tv. Perfect.

A. B.

Published October 15th 2020 by Leaf by Leaf

(an imprint of Cinnamon Press)