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"Through the relationship between May and Harley, this wonderful book explores the devastating and lasting consequences of trauma, but also the possibility of healing and growth. There is a celebration of small town life and the sense of community and belonging that it can bring. Ultimately, this is a novel about love: romantic love, love of friends, love of nature, love of a place, love of family, love of yourself… " 

- Ana Carolina Pereira


After a decade trying to accept that London is home, a devastating bereavement pushes 29 year old May to return to the rural Vermont town she fled so long ago. Ignoring her sister’s strong misgivings, she immerses herself in creating a healing garden, bringing people together with the food she loves to cook, and renovating a dilapidated farmhouse until she starts to find a sense of peace and purpose. But as spring turns to sultry summer and she is thrown increasingly together with Harley, the man she loved and left ten years before, May is torn. Will she take a risk and follow her heart, or go back to London where her ever loyal sister is longing for her return? Mish Cromer’s latest novel of love and friendship and the healing power of the natural environment explores the impact of family, trauma and loss, and the powerful need we all have to find the place where we belong.

"Like the free-spirited May, All the Places that Were Hurt  invites you to stop by and dwell on its scenes of domesticity and intimacy. It makes you pause and admire the beautiful sentences. It compels you to reflect on the natural and psychological landscapes it depicts, as well as on the complex interactions of its characters."

- Ana Carolina Pereira

"The way you love me / love me so / I can't do my homework anymo' " (Peter Wolf). There's a fair bit of music in this novel. It brings people together, tells story, evokes memory, both painful and joyous, and gets everyone singing. Here are the links you'll need to hear May and Harley's playlist:

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To set Crossfade on Spotify: Home / Settings / (Under Adv Sett) Playback / Drag Crossfade slider to 7 sec. Don't forget to turn off SHUFFLE!

November 15th 2021
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